RLuxury iPhone App

In our mission to provide our clients with the most reliable Miami luxury real estate experience possible, we have collaborated with an exceptional team of developers to produce a resource tool called the RLuxury iPhone app that successfully utilizes all of today’s technology in a manner that enables up-to-date real estate data to be available to you right in the palm of your hand.

Enjoy the advantage of having access to unlimited Miami luxury real estate market information — anytime, anywhere — with the RLuxury iPhone app which has been specifically designed to enable to you:
  • Browse updated home values on available real estate within Miami
  • Browse rental rates on luxury homes, luxury condos, and luxury apartments
  • Located available property options on the Miami luxury real estate market
  • Organize search results based on your own personal preferences
  • Generate results based on actual maps of the Miami region
  • Preview all of your available options through full-color images
If you would like to make sure that you are able to maximize your use of today’s most valuable technological advances to help you reach your real estate goals, the RLuxury iPhone app is definitely the tool for you.

Download the RLuxury iPhone app today for a stress-free, convenient, and easy Miami luxury real estate experience.


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