Star Island

One of most alluring residential communities found within the City of Miami Beach in Florida is a beautiful oval-shaped man-made island located in the refreshing waters of the Biscayne Bay called Star Island. It is among the region’s most spectacular sites for individuals and real estate buyers who seek comfort and luxury that goes beyond words.

Gracefully located just south of the famous Venetian Islands and east of Palm Island and Hibiscus Island, Star Island offers people with the opportunity to experience true upscale living that lives up to world-class standards. In fact, many of the Star Island residents happen to be international names who have managed to find homes that are indeed fitting for their high-class needs.

The community of Star Island understands its residents’ needs and makes it a point to ensure that top exclusivity is provided at all times. There is no doubt that the high degree of privacy, security, and tranquility are sure to be fully enjoyed within this illustrious upscale residential location.

Star Island homes are considered by many to be ultra-fabulous with their incredible architectural designs. Both the interiors and the exteriors of these luxury island home properties are absolutely stunning, making them perfect for such a charming island paradise location which easily offers people with majestic views of the South Florida area and all of its surroundings.


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